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Navigators supporting raster maps

Nowadays GPS-navigators can be compared to mobile phones in popularity. Especially often navigators are of great help to those who are fond of traveling or often go on expeditions. It’s widely known that a navigator cannot function without a map – or else how can it show your location or mark the route? As a rule, 2 types of maps are used in navigators – vector and raster ones. The former ones are more widespread. Nevertheless, many people find working with raster maps more comfortable. Fortunately, at present one can find high-quality navigators from well-known brands which support raster maps. So, let’s get acquainted with them:

1. Garmin. This company has been working since 1989. It strives to produce quality equipment for communication and navigation in various spheres of our life. A Garmin navigator can be very useful for you if you decide to go traveling. If you are interested in models supporting raster maps, then you can choose from the following navigators from the variety of Garmin products:

  • Garmin Montana 600
  • Garmin Montana 650
  • Garmin Montana 650t
  • Garmin Gpsmap 62
  • Garmin Gpsmap 62s
  • Garmin Gpsmap 62sc
  • Garmin Gpsmap 62stc
  • Garmin Gpsmap 78
  • Garmin Gpsmap 78s
  • Garmin Astro 320
  • Garmin Oregon 450
  • Garmin Oregon 550
  • Garmin Dakota 10
  • Garmin Dakota 20
  • Garmin eTrex 20
  • Garmin eTrex 30

2. Magellan. The Magellan Company was founded in 1986 and became the leader and innovator in the sphere of navigation equipment production. Magellan navigators are distinguished by reliability and durability. The company makes every effort to keep up with the time and thoroughly considers the design and functionality of each new product. If you are looking for a navigator which is able to work with raster maps, then you’d better pay attention to the following models from the Magellan collection:

  • Magellan Triton 200
  • Magellan Triton 300
  • Magellan Triton 400
  • Magellan Triton 500
  • Magellan Triton 1500
  • Magellan Triton 2000
  • Magellan eXplorist 610
  • Magellan eXplorist 710

3. DeLorme. The DeLorme Company was founded in 1976. The main sphere of company’s activities is making maps. However, in 2007 it informed the whole world about producing own GPS navigators. DeLorme models presented below support the function of raster maps:

  • DeLorme Earthmate PN-20
  • DeLorme Earthmate PN-30
  • DeLorme Earthmate PN-40
Mapstor news 01-03-2012