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Description to topographic map set Sayan Mountains

The topographic map set Sayan Mountains has a reference article now.

This article provides descriptive information about location and relief of Sayan Mountains. Here you’ll find description of the Western and Eastern Sayan Mountains. Reading the article you’ll learn about rivers, which flow in this region. In the section “Sights” you’ll read about popular sights and places for rest in Sayan Mountains. Moreover, the article contains a short description of climate in Sayan Mountains.

The Sayan Mountains are located in southern Siberia, north-east of Altai and west of Lake Baikal.

The Eastern Sayans extend as a broad band of mountains north-westward from the head of the Kizir River to the city of Krasnoyarsk. Their continuation is the Solgonsk and Batenevsk Ranges, which continue into Tuva in the south and go beyond its borders. In the north, the mountains become very precipitous and have a lot of ledges close to the Rybinsk Hollow, while in the west the Sayans border on the Minusinsk hollow. This massif is over 500 km long. The highest peaks include: Peak Grandiose, 2,922 m and Peak Edelstein, 2,676 m.

The West Sayans extend from the head of Abakan River up to the upper Kazyr River north-westward. This massif is over 600 km long. The West Sayans is a heavily dissected mountain plateau with some alpine highlands (the highest summits are Kyzyl-Taiga, 3,121 m, and Karagash City, 2,925 m), dominated by medium-altitude mountains and vast highlands. The central range with heights of 2,200 to 2,800 m is called the Sayan Range. To the north and south, it produces a number of ridges and spurs: the Abakan, Dzhoisk, Dzhebashsk, Borus ridges and other mountain chains.  Between the ridges, the Turano-Uyuksk and the Usinsk hollows are situated. On the territory of Tuva, the Western Sayans is joined by the Shopshalsk Range.

The rivers of the Sayan Mountains include: the Hangarul, the Yenisei, the Zun-Murin, the Zhombolok and the Oka.

Speaking about the sights of the Sayan it’s necessary to mention the Shumak River Valley called the Valley of a Hundred Springs, the Valley of Volcanoes and Khoitogol springs.

Mapstor news 01-11-2008