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Description to topographic map set Karelia

Topographic map set Karelia has now a short reference article. In this article one will find detailed description of relief in Karelia, its highlands, mountains and ranges. Also one will get to know what rivers, lakes, rapids and waterfalls are situated in Karelia. Besides one will find information about which national parks, natural and cultural sights are popular among tourists in Karelia. Especially for tourists there are descriptions of popular kinds of tourism and places of its carrying out. There is a detailed description of climate in Karelia as well.

Karelia is situated in the north-west of Russia and its area is 180,000 sq km. The territory of Karelia extends from the north southward over 660 km and from the west eastward through the town of Kem over 424 km.

There are about 27,000 rivers in Karelia. The largest of them include the Vodla (149 km), the Kem (191 km), the Chirka-Kem (221 km), the Kovda, the Shuya, the Suna, the Vyg, the Syapsya as well as smaller rivers – the Minanyoka, the Lahtayoka, the Bezglazaya, the Gumarin, the Yangozerka and the Luzhma. The famous Kivach waterfall is situated on the Suna River.

In Karelia, there are about 60,000 lakes. Together with swamps, they now contain about 2,000 km3 of perfectly pure water. The most famous Lake of Karelia include Nyuk, Pyaozero, Segozero, Syamozero, Topozero, Vygozero and Yushkozero. Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega are the largest in Europe. In Karelia, lake-river systems that include a chain of lakes are very common - the Gumarin, the Upper Kuzemka and the Vonga, the Voloma, the Pistayoka, the Okhta, the Suma and the Suna systems.

In Karelia, the following kinds of tourism are most popular:

  • Catamaran rides on the Suna, Shuya, Okhta, Syamozere, Syapse, Vagatozere;
  • Kayak rides on the Suna, the Shuya, the Okhta, the Uksa, the Vama, the Vodla, the Tumcha, the Tohmayoka, the Tulema, the Loymola, the Vidlitsa, the Lososinka, the Semcha, the Voloma, Sulla-Lenderka, Tunguda, the Chirka Kem, Belomorskaya Shuya, the Vonga, the Keret and Syamozero;
  • Fishing in Lake Yanisyarvi and the Vendyurskiye lakes;
  • Cycling tours of the Karelian Isthmus and around Lake Ladoga.
Mapstor news 06-09-2008