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Description to topographic map set Ukraine

Topographic map set Ukraine has now a short reference article.

The present article contains information about the territory of Ukraine, its relief and main mountain chains, such as Crimea mountains and Carpathians. In the article you will find information about main rivers, lakes and waterfalls of Ukraine. Besides, you will read about the biggest reserves and national parks of Ukraine. In the section “Sights” one will find short description of main sights of Ukraine. And in the section “Tourism” you will get to know about the most popular kinds of tourism and places of recreation. As usually, the article gives information about the climate peculiar to Ukraine.

A new short reference article takes place in the set of topographic maps of Ukraine.

In this article information about geological structure and tectonic relief is placed. Here you can find information about rivers, lakes, mountains and waterfalls which are located in Ukraine. Moreover, the article will help you to learn about reserves in Ukraine and its climate.

The Ukraine is a country situated in Eastern Europe. In the south, the Ukraine is washed by the Black and the Azov Seas.

The Crimean Mountains, located in the southern Crimea, extend in three ridges from Cape Aiya near Balaklava up to Feodosiya in the east. They are about 160 km long and about 50 km wide.

The Ukrainian part of the Carpathian Mountains extends from the east to the west and consists of five main ranges: the Marmoroshskiye Alps, Chernogoriya, the Svidovetski Range, the Gorganski Range and the Borzhavski Range. The highest mountain massif of the Ukrainian Carpathians is Chernogoriya (an average height of 1,800 m). The highest peaks are Mount Goverla (2,061 m) and the neighbouring Mount Petros (2,020 m).

On the territory of the Ukraine, there are such rivers as the Desna, the Smotrich, the Pripyat, the Stokhod, the Orel, the Dnepr, the Berda, the Lazeshina, the Chyornaya Tisha, the Danube and the Southern Bug.

The most important lakes include Lake Synevyr, Lake Sasyk, the Shagany-Alibey-Burnas lake system and Shatskiye Lakes.

Numerous tributaries of the Dniester (the Stryi, the Svecha, the Lomnitsa, the Bystrica, the Reut, the Zolotaya Lipa, the Strypa, the Seret, the Zbruch and the Smotrich) form a number of waterfalls, of which the Dzhurinsky Waterfall (16 m) is the highest. The Serebryanniye Waterfalls (6 m high), in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, is another important waterfall. The highest waterfall in the Ukraine is the Uchan-Su, which lies is located the Uchan-Su River in the suburbs of Yalta. Other popular waterfalls include the Golovkinski Waterfall on the Uzen-Bash River (12 m), the Dzhur-Dzhur Waterfall on the Ulu Uzen River and the Rusilovskiye Waterfalls.

When it comes to the sights of Ukraine attention should be drawn to ancient castles in Kamyanets-Podilskyi, Khotinsk, Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Lutsk and Belgorod-Dnestrovski; Assumption Monastery in Vladimir-Volynsk, Svyatogorski Cave Monastery, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, and Klovski Palace and Mariyinski Palace in Kyiv; the unique rocks Baranyi Lby, the Korolevskiye Cliffs, Antonieviye Caves dated 11th -18th centuries; the Tustan State Historical and Cultural Reserve in the Lviv region, a mound necropolis dated 9th -10th centuries in the Chernigov Oblast, etc.

Mapstor news 07-10-2008