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Description to topographic map set Altai

Topographic map set Altai has now a short reference article. In this article one will find information about the Altai Mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, glaciers and caves located in Altai region. One will also find information about main tourist areas and most popular kinds of tourism in Altai.

The Altai Mountains are a complex string of the highest mountain ranges in Siberia, separated by low river valleys and vast intermountain basins. The highest summit of the Altai range is Mount Belukha (4,506 m).

The Altai region is studded with thousands of lakes: Aya, Dzhulukul, Taimen, Maashei, Manzherok, Tenginskoye and lake groups, such as the Karakolskiye lakes, the Kucherlinskiye lakes, the Multinskiye lakes, the Foreleviye lakes and the Shavlinskiye lakes. The largest lake in the Altai is the lake of Teletskoye.

The most famous rivers in Altai are the Katun and the Biya, which join together to form the Ob. Other rivers that flow through the Altai region are the Chuya, the Lyebyed, the Chulyshman and the Tretya Rechka.

 All kinds of tourism are found in the Altai uplands:

  • Car rides to the upper Katun through the Ukok plateau along the Chuysk Road;
  • Equestrian tourism through the Iolgo range, the Seminsk range and the Katun range to Mount Belukha;
  • Sailing and rafting along the mountain rivers, such as the Biya, the Khatun, the Chuya, the Chulymshan and the Argut;
  • Mountain climbing -ascension to the top of Mount Belukha and the glaciers Aktru, Maashei, and Iaktu;
  • Mountain skiing to the foot of Belukha and to the Multinskiye lakes;
  • Various kinds of hiking tours, from simple to complex tours, to Mount Belukha, the Maashei and to the Shavlinskiye and Multinskiye lakes.

The sights of the Altai include: the Chemalsky Trakt, the Chuysky Trakt, the Chuyskaya and the Kurayskaya steppes, a women's monastery on the Patmos Island, the Chemalskaya water power plant, the ancient burial ground Tsarsky Kurgan, Pazyrykskiye Kurgany burial sites, the Krasnye gate, the holy spring Arzhan-Suu, petroglyphs in the Kalbak-Tash area, a stone bay at Lake Teletskoye, stone stelae within the village of In and Bely Bom.

Mapstor news 08-08-2008