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Description to topographic map set Ural

Topographic map set Ural has now a short reference article.

This article contains information about the region of Ural and its territory. In this article you will find information about main rivers, lakes and caves located in Ural. Information about main sights of Ural is as usual presented in the section “Sights”. Especially for tourists there are descriptions of the most famous kinds of tourism and places of recreation in Ural. Moreover, you will find detailed information about the climate in Ural.

Ural is a geographic region where Europe and Asia meet and it marks a border between the two continents. In the south for over 2,500 km the Ural stone belt and the adjoining elevated plains of the near-Ural area stretch to form a border between the East European Plain and the West Siberian Plain.

Many rivers start in the Southern Ural, which belong to the Kama, Tobol and Ural basins. 348 rivers run through this area and they include rivers flowing for 200 km and more, such as the Ural, the Miass, the Ui, the Ai, the Ufa, the Tyulyuk and the Yuruzan. The rivers of the eastern slope of the Middle Urals include the tributaries of the Tobol, the important Tura River and its tributaries Tagil, Neiva, Rezh, Pyshma and Iset. The Chusovaya River, one of the most popular rivers for tourists in the Ural region, flows through the mountains and the western foothills of the Middle Urals. South of it, the Ufa and its tributaries Biset and Serga run through the western foothills.

The Southern Urals have over 3,000 lakes. The largest lakes include Turgoyak, Uvildy, Kisegach and Zyuratkul. The lakes of the Middle Urals are distributed unevenly over the area - there are very few lakes in the south-western mountainous area, while there are a large number of lakes in the eastern part and especially in the lowlands of the West Siberian part of the area, such as Tavatui, Baltym, Peschanoye and Shartash.

The caves Kungurskaya, Divya, Kizelovskaya (Viasherskaya), Medvezhya, Skaz, Smolinskaya, Druzhba and others are well-known far beyond the Ural region. Kungurskaya Cave is one of the most beautiful caves, which has splendid underground cavities, such as Druzhba Narodov (People’s Friendship) Grotto, Velikan Grotto and Geografy Grotto. 

As for the sights here it’s necessary to mention  the Buzuluk pine forest, the Vishera Reserve, the Zyuratkul National Park, the Oleni Ruchyi Nature Park, the Ilmensky Reserve, Konzhakovsky Kamen, the ruins of an ancient city Arkaim, the Kvarkush Range, mount Manaraga, the Man-Pupy-Ner Plateau, mount Medved-Kamen,  Kungur Ice Cave, the Uls River, the Vishera River.

Mapstor news 11-10-2008