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Updates in the section Areas of Russia

Dear customers,

We would like to inform you that due to appearance of new maps, there are a lot of updates in the section Areas of Russia in the following map sets – Astrahkan obl, Altai krai, Amur obl, Bryansk oblBelgorod obl, Buryatia, Jewish AO, Kamchatka krai, Khabarovsk krai, Khakassia, Krasnoyarsk krai, Lipetsk obl, Kursk obl, Orenburg obl, Rostov obl, Sakhalin obl, Samara obl, Saratov obl, Tambov obl, Tuva, Volgograd obl, Voronezh obl, Zabaiakl krai.

As usual all maps can be downloaded free, one at a time, or they can be bought as map sets for each country, region or tourist area. Each topographic map set is accompanied by visual information about the maps available, a list of geographic objects and fragments for a preview of each map. All the maps are georeferenced at 9 points and can be used with OziExplorer.

Mapstor news 16-07-2008