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Nokia is an exclusive provider of Yahoo! Maps Web Services

Yahoo! and Nokia announced the launch of a large-scale joint project in which companies will exchange Web Services.

In accordance with the terms of the agreement, Yahoo! provides Nokia mobile phones users with access to email and instant messaging. In its turn, Nokia supports its geolocation services and Ovi navigation solutions, including interactive maps for navigation, as well as digital maps for navigation at Yahoo!

At present Yahoo! mapping service is not as a sufficient as Google Maps. Whereas Nokia is a leader in the field of electronic mapping. Sustained investment and major development activities aimed at increasing of digital maps coverage and improvement of the quality of satellite navigation services, made it possible for Ovi maps of the Finnish telecommunications company Nokia to include many features of automobile and pedestrian navigation, audio-step support in 46 languages for 77 countries.

In order to facilitate access to company’s services it is planned to introduce technologies of single users’ identification.

It is expected that this cooperation will provide opportunities for consumers to communicate and will provide access to high-quality online services via computers and via mobile devices. Thus, the partners expect to strengthen their positions on the market and outdistance competitors.

Producer of mobile phones and smartphones Nokia, which is obvious a leader in the developing countries, hopes to increase sales in the USA, where its products are not in great demand.

For Yahoo!, that focused all its attention on Internet search and advertising business, this new project will help to keep pace with the innovations of its chief competitor - Google. According to Director General of Yahoo!, Carol Bartz this alliance will increase the scope of people who use e-mail and instant messages, which appears to be the best in its class. The head of the Internet Corporation believes that Nokia navigation and mapping services will increase the interest of users to the products of Yahoo! and will let the company to concentrate on those areas that are of the highest priority.

The remarkable fact is that Yahoo! has repeatedly announced cooperation with companies in this area, but never managed to achieve significant results. In particular, last month a similar agreement was reached with Samsung.

In some regions joint services of Yahoo! and Nokia will be available in the second half of 2010, around the world - in 2011.

A spokesman said that in the future they intend to expand their strategy taking into account interests of users, advertisers and operators. So in the near future, Yahoo! and Nokia are going to present a number of decisions related to file storage and access to online search that will be positioned on the co-branding basis.

Shortly after the announcement, stock value of Nokia increased by 0,4% and amounted 8.05 euro. At the same time, shares of Yahoo! Increased by 0,8%.

Mapstor news 23-05-2010