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Description to topographic map set of Bulgaria

The topographic map set Bulgaria has a new reference article now.

In the given article you’ll learn about the relief of Bulgaria and its mountains. Here you’ll find out a detailed description of rivers and lakes located on the territory of Bulgaria. It will also be interesting to read about nature reserves and national parks, situated in Bulgaria. In the article you will find interesting information about the most famous sights of the country. Especially for tourists, there is information about kinds of sport popular in Bulgaria, and tourist places. Moreover, this article provides a detailed description of the climate in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is a country in South-Eastern Europe, in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. To the east, Bulgaria is washed by the Black Sea. Bulgaria has common borders with Greece and Turkey in the south, Serbia and Macedonia in the west and Romania in the north.

Mountains occupy about one-third of the country. The most important mountains, Rila, Pirin and Rhodope, are located in the south-west and south. The Stara Planina mountain range extends for 420 km and is known for its famous Shipkin Pass. Mount Musala is the highest point of the country (2,925 m). In the south-east, important peaks include Mount Strandja and Mount Vitosha. It is a part of the Balkan Mountains. The main peak of the Balkans is Mt Botev (2,376 m).

The main Bulgarian river is the Danube with such tributaries as the Iskyr, the Yantra, the Hangar, the Lom, the Tsibritsa, the Ogosta, the Skyt, the Whyte, the Osym, the Bili-lm, the Baniski-Lom, the Cherin-Lom and the Suha.

Other rivers flowing through the country include the Maritza with its tributaries Vyrbitsa, Ovgaritsa, Stryama, Topolnitsa, Harmanliyska, Tundzha and Arda; the Struma and the Kamchia with tributaries Golyama-Kamchia, Tiga and Luda-Kamchia; the Provadiyska; the Fakiyska; the Sredetska.

The lakes of Bulgaria include Lakes Mikhailovgrad, Dospat, Antonivanovtsi, Trakiets, Studen-Kladenets, Kamchia, Beli-Lom, Batak, Kardzhali as well as such lakes as Dimitrov and Stamboliyski.

The country is famous for its beautiful cities like Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Plovdiv, Bansko, Varna, Nessebar, Biala and also for their sights.

In Bulgaria, beach recreation is very popular at the seaside in the areas of Varna and Burgas, in Golden Sands, Sunny Beach, Albena, Kranevo, Balchik and Nessebar.

Mapstor news 23-10-2008