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Description to topographic map set Belarus

Topographic map set Belarus has now a short reference article.

This article provides descriptive information about geographic location and relief of Belarus. Here you’ll get to know about mountains of Belarus and their heights. Reading the article you’ll learn about rivers and lakes, which are situated in this country. Moreover, it will be interesting for you to read detailed information about nature reserves and national parks of Belarus. In the section “Sighteseeing” you’ll read about the most popular places of interest situated in Belarus. Especially for tourists there are descriptions of popular kinds of tourism in Belarus and places of its carrying out. The article provides as well detailed information of climate in Belarus.

The Republic of Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe. Belarus is situated in Eastern Europe and it borders on Russia, the Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

Mount Dzerzhinskaya is the highest peak in Belarus (345 m high), which is situated on the Minsk uplands near the village of Skirmontovo, the Dzherzhinsk District.

Mount Mayak is situated in the northern part of the National Park and is one of the highest and best viewing points in the Braslav Uplands and also in Belarus. The height of the mountain is 44.7 m above the water edge and 174 m above the sea level.

The rivers flowing through Belarus include the Prypyat River with such tributaries as the Tsna, the Moroch, the Sluch, the Styr, the Yaselda, the Pina, the Stizh and the Lan; the Sozh River with its tributaries Besyedz, Basya and Pronya; the Dnieper with its tributaries Berezina and Usha; the Neman with its tributaries Shchara, Svisloch, Ros, Berezina and Kotra; and the West Dvina with its tributaries Stvolna, Drysa, Obol, Luchosa, Ula, Ushacha and Disna. 

The lakes of Belarus include Dolgoye, Rychy, Soro, Lepel, Volchye, Seno, Kryvoye, Svita, Kroman, Losvida, Syelyava, Snudy, Svityaz, Dolzha, Dryvyaty, Svir, Chyrvonaye, Osveiskoye, Glodovo and Vygonovskoye as well as lake systems such as the Braslav lakes and the Golubiye lakes. Lake Naroch is the largest lake in Belarus. Its surface area is 80 sq km.

Such cities like Minsk, Polotsk, Vitebsk, Brest, Grodno, Nesvish, Bobruisk are famous for their sights.

Mapstor news 25-10-2008