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2d February, 1536 - the day of foundation of Buenos Aires

On the 2d of February, 1536 Spanish conquistadors founded a settlement, which later turned into the most beautiful city in South America - Buenos Aires. On the map it is seen that this city is located at the mouth of the river Paraná, which forms the bay of La Plata, 150 km from the Atlantic coast.

Now it is the capital of Argentina. But once, 477 years ago, gold hunters under the command of Don Pedro de Mendoza founded a small settlement. 5 years of violent clashes with the Indians lead to the fact that local people had to leave the village.

Buenos Aires was founded again in June 1580. Thanks to the huge revenues from smuggling, the city grew steadily and became the Paris of South America.

If you study the map in details, you can see that Buenos Aires is not only a cultural, administrative and economic center of Argentina, but it is also the largest city in South America. At present, it is a city with a population of 3 million of people.

This Day in History 02-02-2013