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2d of August, 1933 the White Sea-Baltic Canal was opened

 White Sea-Baltic CanalOn the 2d of August, 1933 was completed the construction of the White Sea-Baltic Canal, initiated by Joseph Stalin. Geographic map shows that even today this canal connects the White Sea and Lake Onega with access to the Volga-Baltic Waterway.

The grand building, which was attended by more than 100,000 prisoners, began in 1931. To build the Chanel constructors used sledge hammer, wheelbarrow, an ax and a wooden crane to move boulders. However, these primitive tools let to build a set of complex hydraulic structures, including levees, dams, sluices, artificial canals and flood gates.

Laying the canal was classified and was led by the NKVD. The prisoners built it in the most severe conditions, which allowed the management to reach a record pace of construction. For reference, the length of the Panama Canal is 80 km and the construction lasted 28 years. The length of Suez Canal is 160 km and it was built in 10 years. The length of White Sea Canalis 227 km and the construction took only 1 year and 9 months.

The map clearly shows that the White Sea Canal has become a powerful transport artery that connected the Baltic Sea and the Soviet North, that was the beginning of exploitation of mineral ore, timber and other natural resources of the province.

This Day in History 02-08-2013