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27th of August, 1966 yachtsman Francis Chichester set off in a single circumnavigation

Francis ChichesterOn the 27th of 1966 Englishman Francis Chichester started single journey around the world, which later was referred to as "Voyage of the Century".

The starting point was the port of Plymouth, from which a small boat "Gypsy Moth IV» sailed off. Travel map resembled the high-speed route of the British tea ships of XIX century. Initially, a small yacht of Chichester (16.5 m long and 3.2 m wide) set a course for Australia. A month after the start Francis Chichester celebrated his birthday: he was - 65 years old. Having sailed for 108 dayshe arrived in Sydney, where he spent one and a half of month.

The journey was made so that the start and finish were in the same place - in Plymouth. Chichester arrived in late May of 1967. The world tour lasted for 9 months and 1 day, the length of the path was 28,500 nautical miles.

On his return, he was greeted as a national hero. At a reception Chichester apologized and left the ceremony, and not long after, his wife found him on the floor unconscious. Arriving physicians ascertained exhaustion. Chichester had a right to recuperate at the naval hospital, where he spent time reading the letters that thousands came to his name. A month passed, and Queen Elizabeth II bestowed the navigator nobility: in accordance with long-standing ritual Her Majesty touched the shoulder of Chichester with the same sword that Elizabeth I knighted famous navigator and pirate Francis Drake.

This Day in History 27-08-2013