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Programs for working with raster maps

1. OziExplorer

The software products developed by the OziExplorer Company are among the most popular ones for working with raster maps. They include:

  • OziExplorer. This program can work with raster maps and exchange data with GPS devices of the following brands: Garmin, Magellan, Eagle и Lowrance. In order to start working with a raster map you just have to scan or download it. OziExplorer supports JPG, TIF, PNG and other formats. The program’s capabilities include saving waypoints, routes and tracks from a GPS navigator to a PC. You can also mark new waypoints, tracks and routes on the map and then transfer them to a GPS device.
  • OziExplorer CE. This program is intended for working exceptionally with raster maps. OziExplorer CE is navigation software for Pocket PC and Windows CE PDA. The operation algorithm and the capabilities of the program are very similar to the ones of the OziExplorer, but many other useful functions are present.
  • OziExplorer3D. This is the most recent version of the program which lets you view 3D maps, rotate them in any direction, change the scale and so on. This program lets you view any maps (if the relief data for this terrain is available) in 3D, as well as ones created with the help of OziExplorer.
 2. ArcGIS

ArcGIS family of programs gives users the opportunity to analyze raster maps, integrate raster and vector data, create rotes and dimensional tasks.

 3. OkMap

This program is designed for working with vector and raster maps. This software lets you calibrate raster maps, exchange data with a GPS device, create routes, tracks and so on. This software product works on WinXP and WinVista platforms.

 4. Eye4Software GPS MappingStudio

This program lets you download, upload, convert, view and edit vector and raster maps, routes and tracks, and has many other functions.

 5. GPS Atlas 5.6

This complex has been developed for working specifically with raster maps. With the help of GPSAtlas you can view maps, calibrate them, mark new waypoints, plot your current position on the map and so on.

 6. MapAdvisor GPS Edition

This program is practically ideal for travel and geocaching fans. MapAdvisor GPS Edition works with photographs and raster maps. Its capabilities also include displaying and saving waypoints on the map, calculation of distance on the map and many others. The program can work with any GPS receiver supporting the NMEA 0183 protocol.

 7. SAS.Planet

This program is intended for viewing and downloading usual maps and high-definition satellite images. The program works with maps of the following resources: GoogleEarth, VirtualEarth, GoogleMaps, Gurtam, eAtlas, OpenStreetMap, Yahoo! Maps, BingMaps, iPhonemaps, DigitalGlobe. Moreover, this program can work with landscape and political maps, as well as the maps of the Mars and the Moon.

 8. PathAway GPS 4 and PathAway GPS 5

Programs for working with raster maps of any type: ones downloaded from the Internet, photographed or scanned ones, and so on. They let you view maps, mark routes and tracks, and have some other useful functions. PathAwayGPS 4 and PathAwayGPS 5 work on practically all navigator models of the leading brands and support maps of virtually any format.