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Topographic maps and traveling

Recently more and more people prefer to organize trips by themselves. To this tendency undoubtedly contributes an increasing popularity of ecological tourism. Ecological tourism becomes more and more popular due to availability of many reports and other material about earlier made trips and desire of travelers to experience new emotions.

Nowadays it is not a problem for travelers to buy modern equipment, think over route and finally set out for a trip.

Topographic maps appear to be an efficient and irreplaceable tool for working out a route. While choosing continent, country or region of future trip we thoroughly study the map in order to get information about relief, location of towns, lakes and rivers, about tracks, passes, rapids, fords and bridges, springs and other objects of locality. While planning your trip, especially in remote region of the world, topographic maps very often appear to be the only source of information for compiling itinerary.

It is obvious that organization and performing of trips is closely connected with topographic maps usage. In this section we would like to tell you about the most popular tourist regions and kinds of tourism in the light of topographic maps represented on our website.