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Carpathian mountains

Geographical survey

Transcarpathian region is situated on the south-west slopes and foothills of the East Carpathians. It also comprises Karpatcska lowland. In the south the region borders with Romania, in the south-west – with Hungary, in the west it borders with Slovakia and in the north-west – with Poland. So, Transcarpathian region is a peculiar Ukrainian “window to Europe”. In the north and in the east it borders with two Ukrainian regions –Lvov and Ivano-Frankovsk. According to the square the region occupies practically the last place among 24 Ukrainian regions. It doesn’t concede only to Chernovetsk region. The territory of the region is 12.777 km2. It corresponds to 2.11% of the Ukrainian territory and 2.65% of the Ukrainian population.


About 80% of the region’s territory is occupied by the Carpathians Mountains.

About 80% of the region’s territory is occupied by the Carpathians Mountains. They are arranged by 3 main ranges (Verkhovivsky, Vodorazdelny and Poloninsky), by Volcanic Carpathians range and by 4 not so big, but high mountain-masses (Chernogor, Svidovets, Gorgana and Rahovsky). The peaks of the range Chernogor are the highest in the Ukraine. The peaks Pop Ivan and Brebeneskul exceed 2km in the hight; Goverla (2061m) is the highest point in the region and in the whole Ukraine. Zakarpatie is separated from the north-east slopes of the Carpathians by passes: Yablonits, Vyshkovsk, Uzhotsk, Veretsk and Volovetsk. Their height is from 931 to 1014m above the seal level. The majority of population live on Zakarpatska lowland (250 m in height), which occupies a little bit less than 20% of the territory of the region.

Inland waters

On the territory of the region run 9.429 rivers and streams. The biggest river is the Tisa, it’s the left inflow of the Danube, which is formed by the confluence of the Belaya and the Chernaya Tisa. On the territory of the region its length is about 240 km. All big rivers in the region flow either into the Tisa (Borzhava, the Rika, the Teresva, the Tereblya) or into the Bodrog on the territory of the Slovakia (the Latoritsa and the Uz).There are 137 natural lakes in the region, which are mainly of glacial origin. The largest and deepest lake of Zakarpatie is the Sinevir.

Health improvement

On the territory of the Carpathians there are a lot of springs of mineral waters. That’s why tourists come here not only to have rest but also to treat their illnesses and to improve their health. Special attention should be paid to the clearness of the air as the difference is quite essential to compare with the air in big cities. The air is fresh, rich in ozone and with a light fragrance of pine. That’s why so many sanatoria for treatment respiratory tract illnesses are situated here.


The most popular ski lodges and resorts are Dragobrat, Slavskoe, Bukovel, Podobovets, Vorokhta, Yablonitsa, Krasya, Tysovets, Sinyak.

The mountain peaks are covered with snow for 5 month a year. Almost in any area there are places for skiing. Ski lodges and hotels are usually situated where people can ski. The most popular ski lodges and resorts are Dragobrat, Slavskoe, Bukovel, Podobovets, Vorokhta, Yablonitsa, Krasya, Tysovets, Sinyak. Amateurs and professionals not only from the former Soviet republics but also from foreign countries ski here in winter. The Carpathians have become so popular thanks to conditions both for ski beginners and for the sporting competitions. Each ski lodge has equipment hire, cable cars and routes of different complication.

For rest and pleasure

The infrastructure is well developed. There are recreation centers, hotels, tourist centers. During holiday time it’s very difficult to find a decent place as places are usually reserved beforehand, especially during New Year’s holidays. You can stay at the resident’s if you want. You’ll be gladly given rooms or even individual houses with all facilities and meals. In the Carpathians there are lots of private pensions, where even most exacting holiday-makers can stay. Many inhabitants have sauna and bath-house. In the evening after skiing it’s so pleasant to take a steam bath, to slop into a snowdrift and then spend the evening in a restaurant or in a kolyba. Hosts will feed you really well! National dishes, domestic wine are on demand. Near the routes you can rest and have a snack. The prices everywhere are quite reasonable. They are mainly the same as in the Ukraine but, of course, in very popular resort villages the prices are higher.

If you prefer extreme rest you can have a tour in mountain peaks on foot, by step or bike; you can ride a horse, do gliding, shooting. You can also make a tour to such cities as Lvov and Uzhgorod. They are probably the most beautiful cities in the Ukraine.

Welcome to the Carpathians

Welcome to this marvelous land!

Welcome to this marvelous land! You’ll enjoy the magnificent virgin nature, the beauty of mountain peaks, power of mountain rivers and fresh air! If you go there once you’ll be really impressed. You’ll fall in love with Carpathians and you’ll be longed there again and again.

“Only mountains can be better than mountains”, said a classic author.

Carpathian map set is available for download.