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Online stores set prices using the map

It turned out that the American online shopping to one and the same product set different prices, guided by Buyer. In Russia, this technology is still gaining momentum.

Surprisingly, but many online stores of America set the prices, taking into account the location of the buyer. Cost of goods depends on the region where the potential customer lives and the purchasing power of inhabitants of specific areas. Such factors as the presence of competitors nearby and distance off-line store are also very important. If on the map the electronic system determines that the client is at a distance not exceeding 20 miles, then the value of the goods for him would be lower.

A few years ago, users were able to compare the prices of the goods, without going into the retail point. Certainly, it is very convenient and saves time while looking for goods at a more attractive price. But do not forget the fact that the development of technology has provided more opportunities for sellers. Thus, by analyzing different groups of consumers, the seller can generate more target sentences. Currently, the most widely used technology is that detects the location of the consumer and compares it with the map. Researchers found out that the difference in prices of one safe can reach $100.

Experts note that the pricing on the map exists in Russia. However, there it is presented only on highly competitive markets with low profitability. But mostly automatic pricing services on the map and geolocation in Russia has not yet developed.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 10-12-2012