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Digital navigation maps for the GLONASS system will be ready by 2011

The development of digital maps of the scale required for the Russian navigation system GLONASS will be completed in 2011.

Also it is expected that by 2020 Federal Program "Global Navigation System" will be updated, which will expand and improve the functional qualities and accuracy characteristics of the GLONASS system. The program is aimed at the mass introduction of domestic navigation technologies. According to experts, it will strengthen the position of the Russian Federation on the international market of navigation services.

GLONNAS is a prototype of the American global positioning system GPS. By means of this service one can determine the speed of movement and location of air, land and marine facilities with an accuracy of 1 meter.

For the first time personal satellite navigators Glospace appeared on sale in 2007 and were designed to receive signals of the Russian satellite system GLONASS and the American GPS.

Priorities for further development of the GLONASS system are to ensure compatibility and complementarity of regional, global and international systems. It is important to achieve compliance with the pace of technological development and increasing demands of consumers, which includes reduction of errors in real time, improving of efficiency, reliability and availability of navigation services.

It is very important to ensure the quality of work of the navigation system in conditions of significant noise waves and dynamic effects. Claims of civilian and military users to GLONASS system involve the possibility of receiving signals indoors, in tunnels, mines and underwater. But, as the experts point out at the moment GLONASS and GPS make errors in positioning as a result of exposure to radio interference.

Designers have to improve the efficiency of access to the signals (from several seconds to fractions of seconds), to increase the accuracy of determination of the location from a meter to a decimeter level (maximum error less than 30 centimeters). This will help to improve traffic management, analysis of traffic accidents, creation of the possibility to pay for parking, reliable determination of insurance claims, etc.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 13-07-2010