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When creating iOS 6 Apple used Yandex technology

In new version of Apple's mobile platform developers have used a number of technologies of the Russian company, to be precise – they have implemented in their own mapping service brief tips and geosearch of Yandex.Maps service. Because of this, the owners of iPad tablets and smartphones based on iOS iPhone 6 will be able to search for addresses of buildings, cafes and restaurants in Russian cities.

According to one of the developers, Apple mapping service works like this: if you try to find a city or a street address on the territory of the Russian Federation, Yandex searches and the results are shown on the Apple maps. However, neither representative of Yandex, nor Apple ones commented on this fact.

There is another interesting fact - Apple implemented into its maps mobile Yandex.Maps. When a user finds an object of interest through mobile devices based on iOS 6, opens a search result that contains brief information about the object and the link "More on Yandex." When you click the link opens Yandex.Maps mobile application where the desired location of the building or POI is showed more accurately on the map, and related information - more detailed.

Earlier, Google maps were automatically installed on Apple devices. However, this time the company decided to use in iPad and iPhone its own maps, which contain previously purchased maps, and TomTom maps by TeleAtlas, etc. Unfortunately, the coverage of these maps is not ideal.

Earlier, Yandex representative claimed that Navteq maps could be useful for Apple, which Yandex bought last winter 2012. Since these maps are more detailed. However, these maps will not cover the needs: to create actual up-to-date maps, it is necessary to use satellite images, various mapping services, etc.

It is possible that in the future on Apple mobile devices will appear search from Yandex. This question is currently being negotiated between the companies; the results have not been announced yet.

Digital cartography and GPS navigation 17-09-2012