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Description to topographic map set of Taymyr

The topographic map set Taymyr Peninsula has a short reference article now.

In this article you’ll read about the history of the Taymyr Peninsula. You will get to know about rivers, lakes and mountains situated on this territory. Also in the given article there are descriptions of sights and touristic places of the Taymyr Peninsula. Reading the article you can come across some cities situated on this territory and their outskirts. Moreover, here you can learn some information about the climate of the Taymyr Peninsula.

The Taymyr Peninsula is the utmost northern peninsula of Asia, which is located between the Yenisei Gulf of the Kara Sea and the Hatanga Gulf of the Laptev Sea.

The largest rivers of the Taymyr Peninsula are: the Pyasina, the Upper and Lower Taymyr and the Khatanga.

The largest lakes in the Taymyr Region include: Pyasino, Lama, Melkoye and Taymyr (4,560 sq km), the second largest lake in Russia after Lake Baikal.

The Plutorana and the Anabara Plateaus, the area of Khantai Lakes, the north-eastern part of the Byrranga Mountains attract tourists thanks to their unique beauty. Travelling along the Kotui River, Lakes Pyasino and Taymyr and in the Khatanga Valley is also extremely popular with tourists. The Taymyr Region is also famous for its settlements built in the most extreme natural conditions. But the greatest adventure in Taymyr is hidden in the Arctic Ocean coast.

In terms of the area covered by reserves, the Taymyr region comes first among all the regions of Russia. In Taymyr, there are three state reserves: the Taymyr Biospheric reserve, the Putorana reserve and the Bolshoi (Big) Arctic reserve, Russia's largest natural park. Other natural preserves include the Severozemelski federal natural reserve, the Brekhovskie Islands natural reserve and Bunisyak.

Mapstor news 17-10-2008