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World'sPIRIT visits Toshiba

Meeting with ToshibaThe web site sponsors the round-the-world trip World'sPIRIT by providing topographic maps of different countries of the world.

The sixth Japanese stage of Russian automobile trip World’sPIRIT 4x4 has finished.

Thus, leaving in Moscow important matters, the president of the company PIRIT, a member of the organizing committee of the trip, Alexander Gukkin left for Japan to participate in this interesting stage. He wanted to see the traveler’s team and visit the sponsor of the World'sPIRIT project and old partner of the PIRIT company - Toshiba.

The importance of travelers meeting with the leaders of Toshiba is due to the fact that at the start of the trip at “zero kilometer” near the Kremlin, the head of the round-the-world trip World'sPIRIT 4x4 Vladimir Pavelko was given a flag by the head of the Toshiba in Europe and the CIS Igor Snytko with a request to deliver it in Tokyo, the headquarters of Toshiba.

The program of the round-the-world trip World’sPIRIT in Japan, of course, was not restricted only to the meeting with Toshiba. The team visited beautiful sights of the Japanese island, got acquainted with national customs, culture and life in Japan, and even in this clean country, found off-roads, that overwhelmingly surprised hosts.

Travelling with 21-10-2008