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Taiwan stage of round-the-world trip “World’sPIRIT”

TaiwanThe web site sponsors the round-the-world trip World'sPIRIT by providing topographic maps of Taiwan.

The stage in Taiwan has started on 16th of October and finished on 21st. The participants have covered 500 km.

In Taiwan the expedition moved on a state car Nissan Patrol, delivered by ship from Vladivostok, and on two leased cars.

Not everybody knows that there are two Chinas in the world. One - People's Republic of China (PRC), with its capital in Beijing, the other - the Republic of China Taiwan, with its capital in Taipei. The latter is located entirely on the island of Taiwan and is still not recognized by most nations. But the country has the most advanced electronic industry, unique chemical production and occupies the fifth place in the world gold-currency reserves!

Of course, the expedition first visited the head office of ASUS, a leading global manufacturer of computers and one of their main sponsors.

The head of the round-the-world trip Vladimir Pavelko handed over the flag ASUS to the President of this famous computer company – Mr. Jonathan Tsangu. This flag has passed with the expedition from zero kilometer on the Red Square in Moscow to Taiwan.

The participants of the round-the-world trip ‘World’sPIRIT” were given a warm reception in Taiwan. They were placed in Grand Hotel - the biggest and the most luxurious hotel in South-East Asia.

Members of the expedition were admitted to the highest floors of the spire «Van Van». In has 101 ground floor and, now it is the highest skyscraper in the world. Local journalists tracked members of the expedition on the streets of their capital. 6 newspapers wrote about the trip and 3 leading TV channel of the country showed broadcasts.

Then they traveled along the whole island, from north to south, visiting its main attractions, such as «Lake of the sun and the moon», Taiwan's most beautiful lake and the mountains of Alishan. They were talking with aboriginal tribes living in the jungle of the island, and warming themselves in many natural hot springs of the island.

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