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Description to topographic map set Polar Urals

The topographic map set Polar Urals has a short reference article now.

Reading the article you’ll find the information about the geological structure and tectonic relief of the Polar Urals. It will be interesting to read about rivers and lakes, which flow in the Polar Urals. The article also provides the description of glaciers of the Polar Urals. And surely there is information about mountains themselves. While reading the article you’ll learn about some tourist places of the Polar Urals. In addition to it, detailed information about the flora, fauna and climate is also at your disposal.

The Polar Urals is the utmost northern part of the Ural Mountains, which is separated from the SubPolar Urals by the Khulga River. The area of the Polar Urals is about 25,000 sq km. The highest peaks of the Polar Urals are: Konstantinov Kamen, 483 m; Khanmei, 1,333 m; and Paier, 1,472 m.

There are a large number of rivers and streams in the Polar Urals, which take their water masses to the Pechora River (the upper reach of the Usa River) in the west, the Baidaratskaya Bay (the Kara River) in the north and the Ob River (the Synya, the Voikar, the Sob, the Langotyugan and the Shchuchya) in the east. Many rivers such as Bolshoye Shchuchye and Maloye Shchuchye, Usvaty, Ochety, Tiz-Nezato, Bolshoye Khadata-Yugan-Lor flow out of lakes. The rivers that have their origins in the swamps, small lakes and glaciers (the Malaya Kara, the Langotyugan, the Synya and the Lemva), are shallow in their upper reach and it is impossible to sail to their heads, even by canoe.

The Polar Urals are rich in lakes. There are 3,327 lakes covering a total area of 98 sq km in the mountainous area. Even more lakes are found in the plains near the mountains. There are 1,968 lakes in the western slopes and 1,259 lakes in the eastern slopes of the Urals. The most important lakes are Bolshoye Shchuchye and Maloye Shchuchye, Bolshoye Khadata-Yugan-Lor and Maloye Khadata-Yugan-Lor, Kuzty, Usvaty and Tiz-Nezato.

The Polar Urals is one of the most difficult Ural areas to travel around. However this area, like no other place in the world, offers unique opportunities for water, hiking and skiing tours.

Mapstor news 05-11-2008