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Mongolian stage of round-the-world trip has finished, ahead is a stage in Russia

Suvs of the participantsThe web site sponsor the round-the-world trip World'sPIRIT by providing topographic maps of diffrent countries of the world.

Round-the-world trip World’sPIRIT continues to cover its itinerary. Now the team returned to Russia after having driven 3500 km in Mongolia by off-the-road. The third and the fourth stages of a long round-the-world journey in 150 thousands kilometers along 50 countries of the world, intended for two years have finished.

Only 24 days took a team of 5 people in two off-roadsters Nissan Patrol to drive through the Gobi desert, mountain and steppe regions of Mongolia. So on September 15, travelers finally crossed the border near the Russian village Mondy and following the highway A164 reached Lake Baikal in the town of Slyudyanka. George Rizvanov - driver and team navigator - summed up the first results of this stage: “Driving through 3500 km we just caught ourselves thinking that we wish to stay longer in places of Mongolia, where the nature is so magnificent and people are so kind-hearted. Even the wild Gobi Desert attracted us as we were born in these places. We managed to drive this distance without serious breaks. And we have gathered a unique material - hundreds of hours of filming, tens of thousands of photos and we also made historical and geographical findings regarding the era Chingizidov, and get a huge road test experience. We are happy to share with other travelers satellite tracks of all our ways that would clarify the turning point in the mountains and steppes of Mongolia, where hundreds of lines and paths often leads us to deadlock or went at the impenetrable plots”.

Mongolian sights“While crossing the Mongolian-Russian border we had an excess”, said Rizvanov. Even at the entrance to Mongolia, 24 days ago, we are somewhere near the road picked up the skull of a horned animal and as a kind of talisman put it on the hood of one of our cars. It traveled with us along the whole country, but leaving at the border, representatives of veterinary suddenly told that is an ancient historical rarity and took away our “talisman”! During a communication session with Moscow headquarters, doctor and writer Alexander Redko summed up the final day of the Mongolian stage, saying: “At the finishing stretch in one day, we saw two Great Lakes: in the morning we stood on the largest lake of Mongolia - Hubsugul - and in the evening reached our beautiful lake Baikal”.

The expedition does not have a single day of rest in the village Slyudyanka and immediately drives to Ulan-Ude, where there will be partial replacement of crew members. Schedule for the next stage of the round-the-world trip is very dense: the team must get to Vladivostok for 10 days, 4000 kilometers of Siberian off-road. On September 25, the expedition members will go on the marine ferry to Japan, where they will cross the island from north to south.

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