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New atomic clock and GPS to help in the development of outer space
The NASA agency prepares ultra-precise atomic clocks Deep Space Atomic ...
Digital cartography and GPS navigation 2015-05-20

Volunteers helped to rescue Nepalis, updating maps
To help the victims of the terrible earthquake in Nepal a lot of rescuers arrived from ...
Digital cartography and GPS navigation 2015-05-13

Fogo - New GPS gadget for the travelers
A dedicated team from the United States presented on Kickstarter a project of a universal device ...
Digital cartography and GPS navigation 2015-04-17

Astronomers made the first maps of the distribution of dark matter in the Universe
International Project Dark Energy Survey , which ...
Digital cartography and GPS navigation 2015-04-07

Google opened free access to Google Earth Pro
Google Earth Pro , an application to work with three-dimensional model of the Earth, ...
Digital cartography and GPS navigation 2015-03-09

Transfer to HTTPS
We are glad to inform you that now works via HTTPS. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a communications protocol for ...
Mapstor news 2015-02-22

Preview of maps in full size
Now you can view all the maps at in a smaller format by simply clicking on it. We hope that this option will be useful to our users in finding maps of interest.
Mapstor news 2015-02-10

First large-scale geological map turns 200 years
This year marks 200 years since the event that defined modern geology: William Smith , ...
Digital cartography and GPS navigation 2015-02-06

Added 1443 large-scale topographic maps
Added 1443 maps of the Earth's continents at a scale of 1: 500,000, 1: 1,000,000, 1: 2 000 000: Europe Asia North America ...
Mapstor news 2015-01-28

Added 400+ large-scale topographic maps of Europe
Added 400+ topographic maps of Europe, published in the second half of the 20th century by National ...
Mapstor news 2015-01-18

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