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Topographic maps coverage for Goggle Earth
Now all the maps available on can be viewed in the program Google Earth . To do this you need first download ...
Mapstor news 2015-01-13

New feature – map selector
For your convenience at we have created new feature – map selector . Now you can sort out all maps according to the: ...
Mapstor news 2015-01-05

4th December, 1674 Marquette founded the first European settlement
Jacques Marquette (June 10, 1637 - May 18, 1675), also known as James Marquette - French ...
This Day in History 2014-12-04

Continental is to provide solutions for car telematics
Manufacturer of equipment for vehicles – Continental - presented ...
Digital cartography and GPS navigation 2014-11-27

6 GLONASS satellites are to launch in 2015
The program of GLONASS satellite navigation system includes the launch of six vehicles in 2015, ...
Digital cartography and GPS navigation 2014-11-24

19th November, 1875 was born Hiram Bingham
Hiram Bingham - American archaeologist and politician who immortalized himself by opening "lost city of the ...
This Day in History 2014-11-19

18th November, 1832 was born Nils Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld
Nils Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld - Swedish (Finnish), geologist and geographer, Arctic explorer, ...
This Day in History 2014-11-18

14th November, 1963 the island Surtsey was founded
Surtsey is an uninhabited island in Iceland, in the southernmost point of the country, a World’s ...
This Day in History 2014-11-14

11th November, 1729 was born Louis Antoine comte de Bougainville
Louis Antoine was born to a notary public, a member of the Paris city council. He studied at ...
This Day in History 2014-11-11

Results of the meeting of the NASA Committee
A special scientific committee evaluated the performance of current NASA missions to other ...
Digital cartography and GPS navigation 2014-11-10

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